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How to choose a sable fur coat?

Sable fur is the most expensive and luxurious fur in the world. It is incredibly dense, warm, soft, and silky. The smooth iridescence of sable fur adds a special beauty when exposed to light. Sable coats are exceptionally lightweight, airy, and maintain their properties and a presentable appearance for decades if properly cared for.

How to choose a quality sable fur coat?
The purchase of a sable fur coat is a grand event in a woman's life, so the selection process should be approached with utmost responsibility.
To avoid buying a counterfeit, familiarize yourself with the key selection criteria:

  1. Sable Fur Characteristics: Sable fur is known for being dense, warm, soft, and silky. Its special beauty is accentuated by smooth iridescence when exposed to light.
  2. Absence of Dyeing: Sable fur is one of the few types of fur used in its natural state. A genuine sable fur coat will not be artificially dyed, preserving its beautiful natural color. The loss of this authenticity diminishes its value.
  3. Attention to Sewing Quality and Proper Tanning: Examining the quality of stitching and proper tanning of the skin is crucial. Seams on the underside should be neat, visible only upon close inspection from the outer side. Any deviation in tanning may result in fur shedding. Try pinching the garment; no hairs should come off. There should be no bald spots or cracks on the fur's surface.
  4. Check for Labels: Quality fur coats come with labels indicating the type of fur. Look for the label specifying "sable."

By adhering to these criteria, you can increase the likelihood of choosing an authentic and high-quality sable fur coat.
В high-end and quality fur coats, the lining is not sewn tightly to the bottom of the garment. This is done to allow for the examination of the reverse side of the product.

The "mezdra" should be soft, elastic, and smooth, with shades ranging from white. Yellowing and stiffness indicate the age of the animal or flaws in the tanning process.

Strong stitching of the skin corresponds to a lower price for the fur coat. Any use of suede or leather is significantly cheaper than sable fur.

Matching fur tones is essential. Ensure that all fur pelts have a consistent shade. If the fur pelts vary significantly, the fur coat likely belongs to a lower price segment.
Put on the sable fur coat, fasten all the hooks, take a stroll in it, admire yourself in the mirror! If you feel comfortable, the coat is yours!

There is a wide range of fur quality and production processes. The origin of the fur, color, silvering, size – all these factors influence the cost of the product. Prices for sable fur coats may vary depending on the brand. Nevertheless, if you've decided to buy a sable fur coat, understand that cutting corners here is not advisable.

Trust the professionals and fur experts who can assist you in making the right choice, ensuring the quality and authenticity of fur products.
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