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How much does a good fur coat cost in Dubai?

If you are planning a vacation in the UAE and want to significantly update your wardrobe by adding a fur coat, this information is for you. After all, it is in the Emirates that the diversity of prices and models of fur products is simply staggering! Starting from the beloved mink and ending with elite Barguzin sable, chinchilla, and lynx – in the UAE, there are furs for every taste and budget! Therefore, we highly recommend combining business with pleasure and visiting a fur store with a good reputation like Marco Varni.

How much does a fur coat cost in the UAE? Undoubtedly, cheaper than in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and practically any other city in Russia and the CIS countries. Indeed, fur prices, including mink, and other types of fur, are 2-3 times, and sometimes even 4 times lower in the UAE than in major specialized stores in Russia and Kazakhstan. This makes the purchase undoubtedly advantageous.

At first glance, this may seem strange. There are no fur-bearing animals here, and the climate does not lend itself to constant fur wearing. However, in reality, prices in the United Arab Emirates can be lower than in the countries of origin. It's all about the status of the UAE as a free trade zone, where the import duty is only 4%, and there is no income tax.

But do not think that you can buy a quality fur coat here for pennies. Extremely cheap fur coats in Dubai may be only Chinese fakes, which are not worth traveling to distant lands for. However, worthy exclusive items have a price significantly lower than in other countries selling fur coats. Moreover, the formula is as follows: the more luxurious the model, the more reasonable its cost.

In general, prices for fur models in Dubai at a fur store (using Marco Varni as an example) look like this:

  • Mink fur coat starting from $800;
  • Greek sable fur coat is priced at $3500 and above;
  • Blackglama will cost you from $1000 depending on the length;
  • If you like Chinchilla, the cost starts from $2000;
  • An exclusive Lynx fur coat can start from $2500;
  • For the most discerning lovers of luxurious furs, a Leopard fur coat can be chosen, starting from $8000.

The process of buying a mink fur coat in the UAE, in general, and in Dubai in particular, is a very pleasant experience. Check out the Marco Varni website first; you will be amazed at the variety of their Greek fur coats. Upon arrival in Dubai, they will provide you with a free transfer directly from the hotel to the store, so you can try on and, if you like, buy a luxurious Greek fur coat within your budget. Polite service, the highest level of service, a huge variety of styles and models, flexible and pleasant pricing policies – all of this makes both vacation and shopping in the UAE not only profitable but truly enjoyable.