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Furs from Greece - Where to buy a Greek fur coat in Dubai?

Why are Greek furs valued worldwide?

Greek furs are synonymous with the highest quality fur and a diverse range of styles, from classic to trendy.

The tradition of crafting fur coats in Greece dates back many centuries. The craftsmanship of artisans in this field has been honed over centuries and carefully passed down through generations. Fur is a delicate material; a small mistake in cutting or measurement can ruin a splendid pelt. When in the hands of a true master, fur becomes a work of art, transformed through precise cuts and stitches. This is why fur coats crafted by Greek artisans are highly esteemed worldwide.

Today, Greek fur coats represent a guaranteed quality that combines centuries-old traditions. Our factory, Marco Varni, is committed to staying at the forefront of fur fashion trends, essentially shaping these trends ourselves.

Our collection is updated annually, with our best designers dedicated to this task. In our stores, you can find:

  1. Chinchilla fur coats that emphasize elegance and are known for their unparalleled practicality in keeping you warm.
  2. Mink fur coats for discerning connoisseurs of warmth, luxury, and beauty. The excellent quality of the raw material allows the coat to look dignified and serve its owner for many seasons.
  3. Sable fur coats, one of the most expensive and softest furs. Such items are exclusive and appreciated even by fur connoisseurs.

Marco Varni's Greek brand stores are located worldwide, including one in one of the most expensive countries, the United Arab Emirates. Visiting our salon in Dubai, you will be amazed by the vast assortment and pleasantly surprised by the factory-direct prices (without intermediaries).

Buying a fur coat from us, directly crafted at our factory in Greece, ensures a purchase without intermediaries. The main advantage of shopping in Dubai is that, regardless of your location, you won't have to search for our flagship store. Just arrange a free transfer from your hotel, and our driver will pick you up at a convenient time, bringing you to our spacious fur store in Dubai, Marco Varni.