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How to choose a high-quality fur coat correctly?

How to choose a quality fur coat correctly?

A fur coat is a symbol of beauty, sophistication, durability, and status. However, all of this is true only if such women's fur clothing is made from high-quality materials and sewn with attention to all important details. Therefore, it is essential to assess the offered product correctly!

Quality of the fur:

  • Check the condition of the fur pile, lining (known as "mezdra"), and sewing quality (direction and thickness of seams).
  • If the fur coat was dyed, the color should not come off when touched with a damp cloth. Gently pinch the fur; the hairs should not easily come off.

Mezdra (back side of the fur):

  • Mezdra should not be stiff or make a squeaking sound when compressed. Check the inside of the fur coat to assess the sewing quality. The inner lining should be elastic.


  • A quality fur coat should be light. Heavy fur indicates that it may be stale.


  • Natural, non-dyed fur should have a natural white color. Natural fur colors should look sufficiently saturated.

Sewing Quality:

  • Examine the seams; they should be carefully stitched. Excessive seams indicate lower quality.
  • Blow lightly on the fur coat's surface; if tracks appear between the fur, the quality may be questionable.

Manufacturer and Documentation:

  • Determine the origin of the product. Greek fur coats, especially branded ones like Marco Varni, are highly regarded worldwide for their quality.
  • Ask for documents and examine the label. Quality fur coats have certificates, ensuring their authenticity.

Seller's Reputation:

  • Purchase fur coats from reputable sellers with a guarantee of the originality and quality of the products.
  • Check the store's website or look for reviews from independent sources before making a purchase.
Shopping in Dubai:

  • Marco Varni stores are located worldwide, including in the United Arab Emirates, offering duty-free shopping.
  • Take advantage of the free transfer service from your hotel to the Marco Varni fur store in Dubai, ensuring a convenient and reliable shopping experience.