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How to choose a chinchilla fur coat

Every woman who values herself and is not ready to forgo luxury even in everyday life understands how exquisite she will look in a chinchilla fur coat. First and foremost, remember one important rule: when making a purchase, turn to not just any fur salon where you could easily be offered a counterfeit, but only to reliable, time-tested stores. We will tell you about one of such stores at the very end of this article.
And now, let's talk in more detail about how to choose a chinchilla fur coat. Sellers often take advantage of the inexperience of their customers, and as a result, instead of chinchilla, they end up purchasing a rabbit of a special breed.

So, what should you pay attention to?

  1. Softness of the Fur:

  • Chinchilla fur has no analogs in terms of softness; it is the softest among all the furs available on the market. If you feel some roughness under your fingers, keep in mind that they might be trying to sell you a garment made not from chinchilla.

  1. Temperature of the Fur:

  • A distinctive feature of chinchilla fur coats is their coolness to the touch.

  1. Size of the Pelt:

  • The chinchilla pelt should have the same size as an adult's palm.

  1. Presence of Shimmers:

  • Another characteristic feature of chinchilla fur is the presence of shimmers, from dark on the back to light on the belly. Any paint, no matter how high-quality, has a distinctive odor. A coat made from genuine chinchilla fur has no smell at all!
  1. Presence of Certificate:

  • Any item made from expensive fur must be accompanied by a quality certificate. If the seller does not provide this document upon your request, you can disregard their claims about the authenticity of the fur.
Certainly, to avoid potential risks and prevent encountering a counterfeit, it is best to turn to elite boutiques specializing in fur coats, jackets, and other fur products rather than regular fur salons.
Where to buy a chinchilla fur coat?

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