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How to distinguish real fur from fake fur in a coat?

The purchase of a fur coat is a great joy for any woman. An elegant fur coat adds grace to the image, giving femininity and providing excellent warmth in cold weather.

However, choosing a fur coat requires serious consideration to avoid being deceived. Modern manufacturing technologies allow for the creation of realistic artificial fur products that are difficult to distinguish from natural counterparts.

First and foremost, pay attention to the place where you buy the fur coat. It is better to choose reputable stores that have been in the fur market for a long time and have a good reputation. For example, in Dubai, Marco Varni is a reliable store that sells high-quality Greek fur coats made from genuine fur.

Here are some simple ways to distinguish real fur from fake:

  1. Examine the base: Spread the fur and observe the material underneath. Natural fur has leather as its base. Artificial fur, on the other hand, has a fabric base where the intertwining of fibers is clearly visible. If you see such a structure, it is undoubtedly a fake.
  2. Touch and feel: Natural fur is softer and more delicate. In most cases, artificial fur is significantly heavier than natural fur and has less shine when exposed to sunlight. Artificial fur is also more prone to creasing since its base is fabric, which doesn't always return to its original shape like natural fur.
  3. Burn test: Try tearing out a few strands of fur and burn them. Natural fur burns with the smell of burnt hair and leaves behind only ash. Artificial fur does not burn but melts, turning into a plastic puddle or bead instead of ash.
  4. Check the label: Examine the label on which the manufacturer must indicate the origin of the material used for the garment. If the label is absent, consider whether it is worth buying such a dubious product.

For maximum confidence, ask the seller to provide a quality certificate or other documents confirming the authenticity of the natural fur coat. For instance, all fur coats and fur products from the Greek factory Marco Varni come with certificates and consistently high quality.

We hope that these tips will help you make the right choice when purchasing a fur product.