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Prices for fur coats in Dubai

Why is it advantageous to buy a fur coat in Dubai?

It's simple, the United Arab Emirates has minimal taxes, so prices for fur coats and fur products in Dubai are much lower than in other countries, especially in the CIS.

So, what should you focus on when buying a fur coat? Of course, quality comes first, and then the cost. If you are buying a fur coat for the first time, it's best to visit a specialized store. Here, you can expect quality guaranteed by the brand and lower prices due to the store's turnover.

What determines the cost of a fur coat?

The final price of a fur product depends on the quality and value of the fur, the processing, the country of origin, the style, and the complexity of the cut.

Italian and Greek fur coats are the highest quality. The cheapest ones are from China. Yes, you can buy a mink fur coat for $800–$1300, but there's no guarantee it will be a truly high-quality fur item. At best, it might be a blatant Chinese imitation that won't last more than one winter. On the other hand, a quality Greek fur coat, like Marco Varni, will last for at least 10 years.

The cost of a fur coat depends on the number of fur skins used in its production. These fur skins are purchased at fur auctions. The average price for an unprocessed mink skin at auctions starts at $80. By simple calculations, you can estimate the starting price for a short mink fur coat – from $2000 to $3000.

But the main feature of shopping in Dubai is that wherever you are, you won't have to search for our flagship store yourself. Order a free transfer from your hotel, and our driver will pick you up at a convenient time and take you to our huge fur coat store in Dubai, Marco Varni (to avoid intermediaries, markets with low-quality products, and other unscrupulous sellers).

We will be very happy to welcome you and help you purchase a new fur coat at the most favorable price.