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Dubai is a true paradise for shopaholics, a city adorned with numerous streets of boutiques, luxurious shopping malls, and street markets. Despite being considered a relatively expensive city, many things can be purchased here at significantly lower prices than in other countries. For this reason, 'fur tourism' is popular here; for example, Greek fur coats in Dubai can be bought at 10-40% less than in Moscow. The reason is that the import duties for such goods in the UAE are lower, and the high turnover allows sellers to set competitive prices.


  1. Take your time — this is a golden rule when choosing any expensive item. A fur coat is a long-term purchase that will bring you joy for a considerable time, so don't rush to pull out your credit card at the first tempting offer.
  2. Pay attention to how long the selected store has been in the market. For example, the brand Marco Varni has been in existence for almost 50 years, which in itself is a guarantee of high-quality products.
  3. A common phenomenon in the UAE is various intermediaries, known as 'kamakis,' who lure customers by offering assistance in choosing a fur coat in Dubai. Kamakis usually receive a percentage of the fur coat's sale, so they logically suggest the most expensive options, and their commission is included in the fur coat's price.
  4. Avoid using 'fur tours'; this offer may seem advantageous only at first glance. Firstly, you won't be able to choose the boutiques you want to visit; you'll be tied only to the sellers sponsoring the trip. Secondly, you will be obligated to buy at least one fur coat per person on the tour. Therefore, despite the low cost of the tour, your purchases will end up costing you significantly more. The 'fur tour' option is only advantageous if you are going for multiple fur items and are prepared to pay a slightly higher price.
  5. It's more cost-effective to buy a fur coat directly from the manufacturer's store, allowing you to avoid extra commissions and restrictions in choice. For example, the Greek company Marco Varni not only sells fur coats but also handles their production. The company's main office, creative division, research center, and mink farm are located in Kastoria. This allows cost reduction during the production stage and ensures the perfect combination of quality and cost.
  6. Another way to save is through free transfers. Marco Varni organizes a comfortable trip to one of its boutiques in Dubai for you. All you need to do is call one of the numbers listed below or submit a request through the link. You will be asked to provide contact information, the number of passengers, your hotel address, and the time you want to visit the store. A pleasant bonus: the company's staff speaks Russian, so you won't encounter any language barriers.