of satisfied buyers of Marco Varni fur coats

  • Marcus, as well, as his team are really cool 👍
    Thank you for your Fur coats, they are a piece of art! Canadian Lynx is great
  • 💐 👍 Sending "Hi!" to Kristina from Kazakhstan. She is a real professional. I hope to see you soon️ ❤️
  • I would like to express my appriciation for the help in purchasing a sable fur coat. I had a concern I would not buy a high-quality fur coat, after all, it is rather expensive thing. Thanks to you, I bought my dream fur coat even cheaper than in Moscow at coast of $ 1600. So now I can definitely say you have the best fur coats in Dubai! Thanks a lot!
    Moscow, Russia
  • For a long time I've been searching for a fur coat, reviewing lots of web-sites, reading other reviews, visiting the store, and in the end I bought chinchilla coat by ordering a free transfer through this web-site. The price is 20% cheaper than in Astana, and the quality is great. Thanks to the awesome team of the store and for good job, time and nerves, as we are very picky customers. Next time we are in Dubai, we will visit your store to buy a new fur coat for sure.
    Kazakhstan, Astana
  • Good evening Kristina! We purchased a fur coat from you in February. We are from Kazakhstan, see you soon 🙋
  • So happy I found your page! We have been buying fur coats from you for already many years. First time we bought them in Greece, then in Dubai we got several of them for our sisters. We purchased mink fur coat and vests and marten fur coats. We just love you !!
  • A week ago, my friend and I were relaxing in a hotel on Djebiar, and we were looking for fur coats via the Internet. They wrote a lot of good things about this company on Instagram, so we decided to immediately order transport on the website. The car arrived on time, took us and brought us back safely. The choice is good, all the Russian-speaking sellers also agreed on the price and gave a good discount. I will recommend you to all my friends who are going to the UAE for a fur coat!
  • Very attentive and patient sales consultants. We immediately understood what exactly we were looking for, and within almost 30 minutes my friend and I found the fur coats we had dreamed of! Very professional without being pushy, perfect place, thank you!
  • The store has 3 floors, the team is WONDERFUL, very sensitive and every time they offered their signature cold coffee👍🏻. They will ALWAYS select and offer the product you are looking for 👏 The quality of the fur coats is EXCELLENT. I have been convinced of this more than once. I sincerely wish the team PROSPERITY 🙏❣️
    Zosya Marmentyeva
  • I express my gratitude to the entire team of the Marco Varni salon!!! Having come to the store for one fur coat, not for the first time, everyone left with fur coats from Marco Varney!!! Thank you girls for your help in choosing, thank you for the warm welcome and great prices!!!
    Natalia Lukerina
  • This is not the first time we have bought here, since only here you can buy really high-quality and real things, this time we bought blacklama for my wife, in principle we were satisfied with the purchase, my wife also really likes it. The sellers were friendly and helped me decide on a purchase, telling me what and how. A very pleasant place where you will be served normally and without rudeness.
    Saint Petersburg
  • I bought a chinchilla here, the quality and cut are just perfect, as if they were tailored for me. In addition, I would like to note that the price here is also quite reasonable, not the same as in those boutiques that the hotel guides forced me to visit))) So don't waste your precious vacation time, order a transfer on the website and come here right away! In the meantime, I'll go walk my new beauty!) Ciao everyone!
    Elena Borodina
  • Hello to the elite. Once ago, I bought a coat from your store, it was a wonderful gift for my wife. It brought back the splendor of love in my home. My wife was very impressed with this gift. I would like to thank you for the quality of your product. I'd especially like to thank that lady,who helped me pick out that coat. I only know her first name: she is called Alina, as I remember she is from Ukraine. Please, if she is still working for you, give her my regards, because that means a lot to my wife and me. Of course, big thanks to you for the good treatment and quality. I hope I come soon because my wife's birthday is near. Once again ... thank you.
    Loura Natiti
  • Wonderful store! Great selection and service. Before going to this store, my husband and I had been to several others. Here we found what we were looking for, thanks to the help of attentive sellers with excellent taste - Alina and Ichthyor!!! Thank you!!! We'll definitely come back again.
    Anastasia Klimenkova
  • We would like to say thank you to the manager Taras and the entire store for the excellent service and competent advice. We spent a long time choosing a fur coat before coming to Dubai. And they found what they were looking for. If you are still thinking about where to buy a fur coat in Dubai, then feel free to contact us here. The choice is huge, the models are modern, the prices are reasonable.
    Nina Asikova
  • Hi all! We vacationed at Rixos Palm in early November, and naturally asked ourselves where to buy a fur coat. Despite the insistence of the guides and saleswomen from the store in the lobby, we decided not to use their services and ordered transport directly from the store. We advise you to do the same! The store is bomb, the service is top notch! Now only to you!
    Love in everything
  • The best in their business!!!😍😍😍 I bought a fur coat from you in Dubai, the quality and price are simply excellent!
    Yerke Askarova
  • Hello! I wanted to thank you for the fur coats 😍 they are beautiful and original! Thank you for your efficiency and service 👍🏼 We were very worried because we ordered remotely, but all our worries were in vain! We will recommend you to everyone!
    Aliya Masenova
  • When we went on vacation, our plans were to buy a fur coat. The guide at the hotel praised this store to us, but we know that through a guide it will be more expensive and we ordered a transfer directly through the website. Very convenient, the driver arrived on time, transfer from the hotel to the store and back. The assortment, of course, amazes with its abundance; it was not easy to choose. The prices here are relatively low and the quality is decent. I am very pleased with my purchases!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Hello, I wanted to express my gratitude to commercial director Taras Kolerko. He is truly an expert in his field, and at the same time has shown worthy qualities such as friendliness, tact, and the ability to work with clients 24/7 online. All issues were resolved quickly and professionally. I'll be back to buy more!
    Kazakhstan, Almaty
  • Last year, on a trip to Dubai, I visited several fur stores, because I had long wanted a sable fur coat and still couldn't find a more or less interesting model, all of them were of the same type. I can safely call this store the best, 3 whole floors, fur coats for every taste and color, from different types of fur. Here I found my dream, and at a much better price than in Russia. It looks simply gorgeous, the fur is stuffed, it just exudes luxury and quality. I enjoyed the entire season and received many compliments and envious glances. So, anyone who is in Dubai and is looking for a beautiful fur coat, I advise you to definitely look into that store, especially since they have a transfer, they will pick you up from your hotel and bring you back. Thanks again!!!
  • I want to say that I was not mistaken in choosing the Marco Varni Dubai store, an excellent selection of both models and furs, excellent service, experienced consultants. We were very pleased with both the price and quality; we bought three mink coats, not classic ones. The size range is large. Mom is 52-54, I am 46-48, my sister is 44-46. And we found everything to our liking. A wonderful Greek famous factory. Highly recommend! I just found it on the Internet, ordered a transfer, came, picked it up, and drove it away. We'll be back again!
    Svetlana Kuznetsova
  • I found this store via the Internet, which I liked because they immediately got in touch and offered a free transfer in both directions. The excitement quickly disappeared when I saw a polite driver and friendly, sympathetic staff. I liked Laura's very correct and truthful advice and Nargiza's patient courtship of me.
    when trying on. The store has a varied selection to suit every budget. Next time I'll come here. Because high-quality fur coats for every taste and friendly, understanding staff! Thanks everyone!
  • I would like to express my deep gratitude to the commercial director of Marko Varni, Taras, for his responsiveness, kindness, good, well-coordinated organization of work on the sale of products! I found out about the salon on Instagram, corresponded with Taras, and while in Kazakhstan I was able to buy something that I really needed! This is just a miracle! And this is primarily the merit of Taras. He was able to organize a demonstration via WhatsApp, delivery to the airport and transfer of the product I had chosen to my friends who were returning from Abu Dhabi to Almaty. Everything worked out very well and the purchase took place. Prosperity Taras to you and your business! May the caring and abundant Universe reward you for your kindness to a complete stranger! All the best to you! 🙌🙌🙌
    Galia Turkestanova
  • I really liked the store! We visited it in September 2023. A lot of interesting things, three floors of fur paradise))) Mom bought herself a luxurious mink with sable fur, the quality is excellent!!! We turned everything out and looked, there is no doubt. And I bought a blue cashmere coat with lynx fur (they hang modestly on the ground floor almost at the entrance) ... we noticed it by chance, tried it on, didn't buy it right away, as the fur coat was the priority .... In the end we returned to Russia, but didn't buy the coat came out of my head) very unusual, you definitely won't see anything like this on anyone.... In the end I contacted the sales manager (name is Taras) - he remembered me, they also remembered the size, in the end 3-4 days and I already have the coat (DCHL express delivery works fine despite sanctions, etc.). In general, I recommend the store, no one is forced to buy, there is no imposition like in other stores (I had the experience at Nasser Square in 2019). Thank you very much for our purchases! As promised, I'm saving up for a sable))
  • After a long and thorough search and comparative analysis, we chose the Marko Varni store as the leader of fur coat stores in Dubai, and my husband was impressed by MV's professional approach. He appreciated the fact that in order to build 3 floors of your own premises for a store, you need a lot of money, which means that this is not a resale (they always have higher prices and they are responsible for almost nothing), but a manufacturer. So, we wrote that we wanted to come and buy. They sent a car to the hotel for us. They brought it to the store. We received a very warm welcome! They showed everything they had. We started measuring. The owner himself came up. My husband agreed with him on a good price. Both are nice people💝 In the end, I have two fur coats: a sable coat and a mink coat! The price was very reasonable! At the end we were returned to the hotel. I looked through the products in full - the tailoring is excellent! Looks great! I thank all the Marko Varni staff for their professionalism! Well done!
  • Every profession is important and every profession is needed.. everyone knows about this, but the profession of a consultant in the selection of fur coats.. this is something unreal and difficult! We are all different girls, with our own cockroaches and preferences, with our own whims and desires! Once I got to the MARKO VARNI fur coat salon in Dubai, I realized that I was in the hands of the most real professionals in their field, Tatyana and Laura, the girls, first of all, do not impose their assortment, but rather select the item that the client needs, right now this very second - Isn't this professionalism!!!! The salon itself impressed with the abundance of choice for any color, model, length, fur, and most importantly, NOT ORDINARY models, this is a storehouse of something unusual! Thank you very much to Taras who was constantly in touch - he arranged convenient timings, transfers in both directions and pleasant communication during the road! Guys, you are a team of professionals with a capital "P" and a large assortment - we wish you prosperity and more grateful clients!
    Alexey and Natalya Komarov, Nizhny Novgorod💞
    Nizhny Novgorod
  • Hello! My friend and I bought fur coats in your store. I'm from Moscow, my friend is from America. Thank you very much for your products. You have the coolest and best quality. Very friendly team. Girls - you can only admire them. Wonderful and beautiful setting, delicious coffee, reasonable prices. The fur coats are just a sight for sore eyes. You are the coolest!!! Keep it up! Only to you for fur coats and jackets. Yes, I also bought a silver jacket from you. Also, exclusive! A huge thank you to you!
  • Thank you very much to the store and all the staff for the wonderful fur coat! Tatyana and Evgenia immediately offered what I needed, and although I doubted it for a couple of days and considered options in another store, a fur coat from Marco Varni fell into my heart ❤️ I'm simply delighted with both the quality and the beauty of the fur coat, I sincerely recommend the store 👍
    Elena Markina
  • Wonderful store, the latest models of fur coats, excellent fur and excellent service. I bought a very beautiful fur coat! Thank you very much for your professionalism, high quality and good mood! I'll definitely be back for another coat!
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